The only Iridium approved integrated DOCK

PotsDOCK 9555

9555 Iridium PotsDOCK

PotsDOCK 9555 satellite telephone is a highly featured docking unit that provides RJ11/POTS connectivity for utilising standard telephone equipment to make and receive telephone calls as well as providing the option of tracking or alert management through the inbuilt GPS. The PotsDOCK is the ideal accessory for using the Iridium 9555 handset for various land, maritime and in-building applications.

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IntelliDOCK 9555

9555 Iridium IntelliDOCK

The IntelliDOCK 9555 is the ideal low cost accessory for using the Iridium 9555 handset for various maritime, transport or fixed site applications. All Iridium voice services are easily accessible using the IntelliDOCK 9555 in the following ways
. Bluetooth© Connectivity
. Optional Privacy Handset
. Portable hands-free from 9555

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SatDOCK-G 9555

9555 Iridium SatDOCK-G

Beam SatDOCK-G 9555 allows the 9555 handset to be used in a vehicle, enabling quality hands-free calls with echo cancellation and noise reduction support. SatDOCK 9555 also has an in-built Bluetooth© module for voice and data connectivity. Equipped with internal GPS, the SatDOCK 9555 provides an intelligent tracking and alert reporting system that can be easily configured to support periodic polling or emergency alert reporting.

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